Complete Fleet Compliance Management
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The WorkBoard is your go-to destination

After logging in, the WorkBoard summarizes any vehicles needing immediate or upcoming compliance intervention — whether it be smog, insurance, registration renewals and more. A simple click quickly displays a list of vehicles with tools to resolve compliance issues.

Powerful and Fast

Get up and running quickly with no software to download and assistance with initial setup. Take advantage of the exclusive Looking Ahead display on the WorkBoard and instantly see and take care of upcoming compliance issues.


Whether you are adding new vehicles, renewing registrations or decommissioning vehicles to be offered for sale, DMVFleet makes the process simple and fast. From small companies looking manage a few vehicles to major corporations with thousands of vehicles, DMVFleet offers a full-service solution backed by award-winning technology and registration experts.

What is DMVfleet?

DMVfleet offers organizations the most comprehensive toolset available in managing registration compliance for your vehicles. Built on the award-winning DMVdesk registration management platform, DMVfleet incorporates a number of tools designed specifically to fill in where your current fleet management solution leaves off — from registering a new vehicle, to tracking renewal dates and notifying you of vehicles requiring smog, insurance or additional documents, to processing replacement plates and stickers. DMVfleet ensures your vehicles are kept up-to-date in registration compliance.

For large organizations maintaining large inventories across the state, DMVfleet can even automate the entire process, renewing vehicles automatically and providing indicia on-demand where the vehicle is located.

Recognizing that most companies do not have registration experts on staff, your DMVfleet subscription includes a dedicated Account Manager, phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and access to registration experts for any question big or small. Setup on the software takes hours, not days, and your Account Manager is available for on-site training as often as you require.

With MVSC’s commitment to their users and a dedicated development team to back it up, updates and added functionality happen on a regular basis. Have a special need to support your fleet? Just ask — we’re ready to make DMVfleet work for you. Updates happen automatically — no installation required, just log in and get started.

DMVfleet provides users powerful, exclusive functionality geared specifically to business. Whether your fleet has thousands of diverse vehicles or just a few trucks, the intuitive interface makes it simple to keep your fleet compliant.

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact 1-877-368-3375 today.

We’ll answer any outstanding questions regarding DMVfleet and how it’ll benefit your specific inventory of vehicles. After signing a Letter of Understanding, we’ll get to work immediately to get your company up and running. A dedicated account manager is at your service in setting up your Fleet Log.

Let DMVfleet save your company time, money and resources all the while managing your fleet inventory better and in ways you thought weren’t possible.